Monday, June 06, 2005

New 1962 Missal available

Last night at the Credo of the Catholic Laity meeting in Clayton, Missouri, I purchased a new Roman Missal, by Baronius Press Ltd. This edition has these features:

  • From the Editio Typica of the Roman Missal and Breviary, 1962

  • Imprimatur and Foreword by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Bishop of Lincoln

  • Published in association with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

  • Includes Vespers for Sundays and Feasts, and the Offices of Tenebræ in Holy Week

  • Supplement for dioceses of the United States and Great Britain

  • Calendar updated with new Saints' days; for example St. Philippine Duchesne for the dioceses in Missouri

  • Gregorian chant supplement

  • General and occasional prayers; an abridgment of Christian doctrine

  • Updated with the norms in the Enchiridion of Indulgences, and the new Mysteries of Light of the Holy Rosary

This missal is nicely printed and illustrated. However, the gilt edges of the pages were stuck together, requiring some effort to go through the entire book unsticking them. Despite this minor flaw, which is common with gilt books, I highly recommend this missal.

In the foreward, Bishop Bruskewitz states that this edition is mainly a reprint of a 1962 missal, with some changes. "While the changes are few, they reflect an important fact, i.e., that the traditional rites are not antiques frozen in 1962, but are very much alive and contine to bear spiritual fruit in the Mystical body of Christ in the 21st Century."

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