Sunday, August 28, 2005

Quiz on Suitability for the Ordained or Religious Life

There are many popular online personality tests, but here is one that is different:

This tests your call for a vocation to the Religous life. I found out about this website at the Carmelite Monastery in Clayton. Registration is required.

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  1. My results from the test. Surprisingly, I thought some of my answers were pretty lame, while on others I was too opinionated. I'd like to see a better analysis than just a single number.

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for taking the time to `test your call` by completing the MPD Self-Assessment Survey. We hope you found it to be an enjoyable experience. According to your survey responses, your cumulative score is:
    This MPD scoring is determined by taking into consideration various factors, including how you answered certain questions in the six categories of Self, Others, My Family, God and Religion, My Life and Destiny, and My Personal Life. A numerical score is also calculated based on the degree of agreement or disagreement with individual questions. Your scoring can be interpreted as:

    500+ Strong potential
    400-499 Moderate potential
    300-399 Slight potential

    Please keep in mind that the MPD is merely one indication. We encourage you to continue seeking God`s will through intense prayer and spiritual direction. If you need assistance in determining your specific vocation, please speak with your parents, pastor, parish youth minister or local vocation director.