Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's the Other Mary

In Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code,Jesus is said to have been secretly married to Mary Magdalene, and their descendants live to this day, protected by a secret society, and attacked by the Catholic Church and Opus Dei monks.

Amy Welborn has a commentary on writings by Stephen J. Shoemaker, an author who has studied the Gnostic texts that spawned Mr. Brown's novel. Shoemaker has authored the recent book The Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary's Dormition and Assumption,

Apparently, in the Gnostic texts, Jesus is very close to, even intimate with, a woman named Mary. He holds her in higher esteem than even His own Apostles. He wants her to hold a central place in His religion. Modern commentary on the Gnostic texts was done by Protestant theologians, starting in the 19th century, and they just assumed that this Mary was the Magdalene, although this Saint isn't explicitly mentioned as such. The texts, however, don't mention that Jesus married this Mary or had children with her; that is just recent Masonic speculation. This speculation led to further recent Feminist speculation that the Apostles were jealous of this Mary, that they usurped her power, persecuted her, and hid the truth about her, which leads to Dan's bestselling story.

But better evidence is that this Mary, "most blessed among women", is none other than the Blessed Virgin Mary; an idea that any good Protestant theologian worth his salt wouldn't even think of. This is a Mary who is blessed among women, intimate with Jesus, greater than the Apostles, and holds a central part in the Religion, exactly what Catholics and Orthodox say regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Someone ought to write a bestselling novel about this.

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