Monday, October 03, 2005

Group Marriage in the Netherlands

See this article by Paul Belien, First Trio "Married" in The Netherlands ( in the Brussels Journal

And they said it wouldn't happen, that civil unions were just for loving couples. Were they stupid, or did they just think that we were? The people in the "marriage" above say that they won't add a fourth person to the group. Do we believe that, too?

History is no longer taught, being considered irrelevant to contemporary young minds, or that history is just "written by the victors", and so it is hopelessly biased, and not worthy of study. But we claim that human nature has not changed over the millennia. And we claim as evidence the writings of the Prophets, who were not victors, but instead were those who gave warning to those in power. And Pontius Pilate seemed to "win'", but he left no books extolling his victory.

An ignorance of history may lead us to forget that nearly all cultures throughout time and place recognize a marriage of one man and one woman; with any dalliances outside of marriage recognized for what they are: yielding to the temptation of desire, and not creating any permanent, legal bond. And history tells us of those times and places where this natural marital bond has been corrupted.

The most beloved philosopher of our Postmodern, agnostic age is Friedrich Nietzsche, the man who said "God is dead" because he could not bear someone being greater than he. His √úbermensch or "overman" or "superman" rejects Christian morality and creates his own, new, moral ideals. Nietzsche had a great admiration of the dictators of history, and dreamed of a unified, authoritarian Europe. It seems that he got his way. Europeans have the liberty of unrestricted sexual behavior, while everything else is tightly controlled from the top.

Suppose a new "superman" rises, and decides to take dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of women as "partners" in a civil union? It has happened before, many times. Just read history. One Chinese Emperor had fifty thousand concubines, and even Solomon of blessed memory regrettably had many. Will our Liberal, Progressive, Nietzsche-admirers support this? Or Neo-Conservative supporters of unrestricted economic liberty?

And what if designer abortions gain popularity, or infanticide, or birth restrictions becomes commonplace? In China today, boy babies are more highly prized than girls, and due to these practices, an imbalance between the sexes is now quite noticeable. Now imagine a Great Man who collects women like a philatelist collects postage stamps. Obviously, something that is rare will become much more valuable, and therefore more collectable, like fine wines. Our Hero will probably never even get to lie with the majority of these women. Too bad the mass of men will be unable to marry, but the Overman does not care about the herd.

It's happened before, and the seeds of it happening again have been sown. China is undergoing changes and only God knows what will happen next in this nation with so many men who cannot find wives.

Large numbers of alienated young men will lead to social problems, including a vast increase of prostitution and social unrest. The large number of women who will practice this profession - something so valuable won't be free - will reduce the pool of marriageable women even more, increasing the social unrest. If we do find ourselves in this predicament, perhaps I could suggest a possible alternative. Large, male religious orders could reduce immorality and restore stability to these mens' lives and to society in general. The type of order most appealing to masses of young men would be, of course, a military order. This is just a suggestion!

It's strange how the word "justice" now means giving pepole what they want, instead of giving what rightly belongs to them. It is not just that a man have more than one woman, even if the women seem to agree to the contract. For this reason we have much anxiety and debate about Supreme Court nominees. The bad redefinition of justice in the past several decades makes these decisions critical.

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