Saturday, December 17, 2005


From Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam:

Options after excommunication—from STLtoday.

Fr. Bozek's web page from his former parish. [Note: this page is now offline. Here is the Google cache of the page.] I noticed that he studied theology at a state-run ecumenical academy (which includes Protestant, Old Catholic, and Orthodox, but not Catholic, viewpoints) and also studied Liberation Theology. I think St. Stan's may be heading into more severe trouble if Fr. Bozek assents to these views.

St. Stanislaus had an irregular parish organization under canon law for over a century, and the Archbishops have reportedly worked for decades to regularize the parish. Cardinal Rigali, while Archbishop of Saint Louis, started the latest round of negotiation with the parish.

Note: earlier I said that the church was in a rough neighborhood. That is no longer true. I visited the area today and saw that it is coming back to life again, with many new townhouse developments. The church and its outbuildings are in excellent condition. Pray for all involved so that unity is restored.

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  1. Have you read Fr. Bozek's homilies? If not, reading just the last one, from Nov. 6, 2005 will give an inkling of what this man is about.

    The homilies link is right under his bio on the cached web page.