Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, in Saint Louis, Missouri - Archbishop BurkeLast Sunday, Archbishop Burke was at Mass at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory.


  1. Mark, I'm beginning to think you're following my family. That's my son again-- the mitre bearer.

  2. No, I just go to the all of the cool places!

  3. At least he's not staring at the ceiling! :)

    (BTW, guys, I'd love to get your thoughts on the differences between Mass at the Oratory and that of the Canons out in Chesterfield, if you've had a chance to go out there. I think I prefer the intimacy of the latter.)

  4. Haven't been to the Canons' place yet, but would love to.

    If you want intimacy at the Oratory, try the tues. 630 pm mother of perpetual help Mass or the 8am low mass.

    I like both the grandeur of the solemn high mass and the quiet of the weekday low. all good.

    I had the privilege to attend Mass at the ICRSP chapel in chicago. all good.

  5. I'll second Timman's comments,but I have been to the CRNJ chapel and the Passionist Chapel a few times, but it's been a couple of years.

  6. The Canons and the Institute are quite different in their Masses, and both offer the Mass extremely well. I'd recommend going to both.