Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Question to Ponder

The mainstream media gives no credence to religion, and even goes out of its way to discredit mainstream religion.

However, why does the popular mainstream media promote astrology, ghost hauntings, and
the occult? Even progressive newspapers print horoscopes!


  1. Another interesting topic, like the one on insurance...

    The temptation to control other humans by having "secret knowledge" of the so-called occult, or of God himself, is as old as the hills. It is one of Satan's fondest temptations. Oddly, if you look in the Bible, when Satan speaks to God (Job) and later to Jesus, he himself never claims to have secret knowledge, since of course he does not. So there is no foundation in any belief that Satan (or any other system of belief) operates outside of God's overall will and knowledge. Satan knows the facts that humans do (remember he quotes the Scripture quite well), but being bound to earth he cannot appreciate the grandeur of God's overall plan. But he does know what "appeals" to humans in the area of sin. Satan loves to see what humans do when they think they have secret knowledge about God, control of the universe, and other people. There are few swifter paths to Satan than through that fallacious temptation. (Satan gets a giggle out of things like ouija boards, pendulums, and pretending to be aliens speaking to people's, um, "brains.") Satan lets people think they possess secret knowledge either directly from him (the temptation of "devil worship") or through their own "psychic powers," "intuition," "wisdom," and "study of arcane lore" (via their own pridefulness.) Soon it is like an addiction, and we know that addiction to power (secret knowledge) is one of the oldest of humanity's flaws, and of course the one that first appealed to Eve. (Notice that Satan did not tempt Eve to eat the apple by telling her that it would make Adam more healthy or to prepare her for being a good mother). He knew Eve would fall for power grabbing from God. So obviously today there are people who take this very same temptation and illusion of Eve very seriously, and to facilitate its effect, there needs to be millions of people who enable it through innocent acceptance, seeing it as a guilty pleasure or entertainment treat. So behind the scenes you have the hardcore believers who seek to wield power over others through their "superior knowledge" and then as "fronts" they keep the "kids" addicted by maintaining the innocent store front appearance of "fantasy fiction," daily "horoscopes," and games that facilitate the belief that all was not revealed by God (over and over again I might add) in the Holy Scriptures (both Bible and Qur'an). It's the one temptation that I guess those "believers" will not let go of until it is too late and they are burned as the chaff in their own personal judgement before God or during the Second Coming, whichever comes first LOL.