Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"A priest has to be a gentleman"

"A priest has to be a gentleman with the virtues of a gentleman. Otherwise his human failings will get in the way of his fulfilling his duties as a spiritual leader."
— Archbishop Burke, quoted in the article Vocations, at the St. Louis Review Online.

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  1. Too bad more dioceses don't think this way. For years we've been stuck with smarmy, lazy and boorish priests who behave as though interacting with parishoners was completely foreign to the job description. This on top of the poor homilies and bad catechises and including false religion.

    Here's a test. Mention the Tridentine Mass and watch their reaction. One, they will become indignant and act as though you asked them to share toothbrushes; or two, they will turn green with rage and act as though you were wearing a pair of ruby slippeers.