Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can't talk...

...too busy.

If I did have time to write, I'd put up an article on now not how Catholics ought to vote in the upcoming election, but how they ought to prepare to vote in future elections.  I'd also request information on art theory from those in the know, and I'd post images from one of my latest church pilgrimages.


  1. I was surfing around other places because I missed your great architectural pictures and found a drawing of Glasgow Cathedral on the St Mungo website. My attention was drawn to it because of the central placement of the steeple. Is this just something I have missed all these years?

  2. Dear Mr. Mark Scott Abeln,
    I am a Registered Architect, and have a Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics)[and Interactive Media]. Did you get the first comment? This is the second I sent on 10/1...

    I sent a prior comment, but don't know if there will be a posting. Will there be one? This may give away your online ID, but I don't know, really, only having looked quickly at a few items on the homepage. I did notice a number of comments and links to other blogs. I graduated from Kansas State University and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. I was the first single nationality American to receive the Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics) from international Pratt Institute. The School of Engineering and Dept. of Computer Science were eliminated there in 1993, entirely. The CG program is now called 'Digital Arts', and was called 'experimental' sometime in the early 1990s after I left.
    Theresa Marie Bextermiller, R.A., M.F.A., married name Metzger

  3. Teresa, you did meet my brother, but we aren't twins, he is older, but quite athletic compared to me, and so is younger looking.