Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lake Chesterfield at Dusk

Lake Chesterfield at dusk, in Wildwood, Missouri, USA

A lake, in Wildwood, Missouri, taken tonight during dusk.


  1. Isn't this the lake that vanished in 2004? How was it restored? Is it the same size as before?

  2. I'd forgotten about that incident. I've been long interested in geology, and even took a photo of this drained lake, although I think I deleted the photo.

    The Ozarks region is largely made of porous rock, and there are several caves and springs nearby. After a heavy rain, a sink hole formed in the bottom of the lake, and it quickly drained into the caves below. The water exited from a spring, about four miles away.

    It cost a lot of money to repair the lake bottom, but as this is a legally mandatory storm water retention pond, there really was no choice.