Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shrine of Our Lady of the Way

FACING INTERSTATE 70, in the town of Saint Peters, in Saint Charles County, Missouri, is a shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title Our Lady of the Way.

Shrine of Our Lady of the Way, in Saint Peters, Missouri, USA

I was driving eastbound on the highway, and this little shrine caught my eye, I did not know of its existence beforehand. The grounds are nicely maintained, with many flowers in bloom, planted in beds around the shrine. The shrine is a few blocks from All Saints Church.

Shrine of Our Lady of the Way, in Saint Peters, Missouri, USA - inscription

Our Lady of the Way, or Our Lady of the Road, or Madonna Della Strada, is patroness of the Society of Jesus. The original icon bearing this name resides in the Society's church in Rome, the Gesù. Click here for a description and photos, in Italian.

Our Lady of the Way is patroness to pilgrims and travelers. But morally, Mary is patroness to our way of life — do we follow the Commandments and live a virtuous life? And also consider our final destination: where are we ultimately headed?

Shrine of Our Lady of the Way, in Saint Peters, Missouri, USA - plaque

The shrine was originally located about a mile or so to the west of here. Both its old and new locations are near what is now Interstate 70, which follows in part the route of the old Boone's Lick Road — for 40 years the major overland road leading to the great American West. Fittingly, the Interstate Highway system was started a few miles from here, where Boone's road also started.


  1. I am often intriqued by things that I read in your blog and an find myself doing a little research.....there are three states that claim to be the first to begin contruction of the interstate highway system, Missouri Kansas and Pennsylvania....but lets keep one thing in mind the Eisenhour Interstate Highway System is a knock off of the German Autoban. Just another example of something that we over time have come to believe we were the first to do.

  2. Kansas' claim is plausible but debatable. Pennsylvania's claim is bogus. Besides, there is a nice big U.S. Government-issue sign just down the road proclaiming its start.

  3. I am certain that sign was ordered by MODOT using Federal Funds.....heres another sign example to consider go to Jeffersonville Indiana and see the sign (paid for with Fed money) that claims the Lewis and Clark expedition started in INDIANA! I will bet you a coke that sign and claim will stir some tempers in St Louis, St. Charles, and everyplace else that claims to be the starting point for that Federal project!