Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upcoming Conference by the Association of Hebrew Catholics

AN ANNOUNCEMENT from Marsha and Lawrence Feingold:
The Association of Hebrew Catholics is hosting a conference, You Shall Be My Witnesses, which will explore the Jewish roots of the Catholic faith, and the role of the Hebrew Catholic in the Catholic Church today (according to Romans 9-11). The conference will be held on Oct 1-3 at the Renaissance Hotel near the airport.

Archbishop Raymond Burke was interviewed this past summer on these and related topics, and his fundamental and profound remarks will be presented as a video during the conference. Other speakers include Sister Rosalind Moss, Roy Schoeman (author of Salvation Is from the Jews), David Moss (President of the Association of Hebrew Catholics in St. Louis), Dr. Lawrence Feingold, assistant professor of theology with Ave Maria University, and Taylor Marshall, author of The Crucified Rabbi.

For more information and to print the registration form, see and follow the links, or call 314-535-4242 or 314-423-1075.

There are discounts for those under 26, and family discounts.

A flier and registration form is attached for your convenience. Hotel rooms have been reserved for those who would like to stay on site.

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  1. Mark, I really enjoy checking out this blog. Your photography is awesome. What inspired you to start photographing Catholic churches?

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  2. I got started with church photography when someone suggested that I take some pictures of churches that were going to close. I was so disappointed in the results, that I decided to learn why the pictures were bad.

    Keep up the good work on yours. I like that you have some personal detail, something which my blog severely lacks.