Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Flora

SPRING FLORA, found on Friday.

These photos are a bit dark, in order to preserve the saturated color of the flowers.  If you click twice on any image, you can view it on a black background.


Purple tulips in shade

Pink dogwood in full sun

View inside a tulip cup

View inside a tulip cup 2

White dogwood

Red tulip

Pink tulip

Yellow flower

Red tulip with ragged edges

Purple flowers

Yellow tulip

Pink hyacinth

Blossoms on fruit tree

While the perfection of cultivated flowers is striking, wildflowers have their own charms, not the least is   local distinction.

Dandelion flower detail

Dandelions may not qualify as wildflowers, but this close-up view reveals details not usually seen.

Purple flower

Yellow flower on wood chips

Tiny yellow flower

This yellow flower was minuscule, maybe 3/8ths of an inch across.

Tiny white flower

This and the following flowers are even smaller.

Very tiny purple flower

Very tiny blue flower

Flower photos are popular, but I really enjoy finding mushrooms. These life forms almost look extraterrestrial, their family tree having diverged from the plants and animals a very long ago.

Two mushrooms


Mushroom with notches in cap

Two mushrooms growing into each other

Underside of mushroom

Tall mushrooms

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