Friday, November 23, 2012

15% Off on Prints

ACCORDING TO TRADITION — albeit not a particularly old tradition, nor a holy one — on the day after Thanksgiving, merchants offer discounts on gift purchases.

I am now selling prints of my photography, which can be found here. To receive a 15% discount on all prints and framing, enter this code upon checkout: Saint-Clement.

The website is here:

I also offer special pricing for clergy and religious, and at-cost pricing for parishes and dioceses for church photos. Please send me an email for further information and coupons.

I can also ship worldwide and can accept a large number of currencies. Please email me if you want prints shipped outside of the USA, and I will set this up for you. So far I only have a few photos for sale, since I must manually reprocess them to be full resolution and to look good in print. If there are any particular images you are interested in, please email me and I will add them.

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