Monday, November 12, 2012


READERS FREQUENTLY ask me if they can purchase prints of the photos found on this website; while I am always happy to provide prints, this manual process was slow and consequently expensive. However, I now have an easy-to-use website with better pricing.

Mark S. Abeln Photography: Nature and Landscapes  Lake Chesterfield at Dusk

You can purchase photos here:

I use the commercial Zenfolio website, which handles photo selection, framing, mounting, printing, shipping, and payment. You can select a variety of print sizes, and I specifically process each photograph to look good in print.

Currently, that website offers only a small selection of my popular photographs. Please review the photos found on Rome of the West or on my Flickr site, and if there is any specific photos you would like to order, please let me know and I will add them.

For clergy and religious, I offer a 15% discount. Please send me an email with your contact information, and I will send you a discount code. In addition to this, for pastors of churches and for dioceses, I offer photographs of these churches AT MY COST.

Please consider using these prints for fundraising; also, I am willing to speak to your church or group: recently, I have been lecturing on the topic of the classical and medieval understanding of art, and how this understanding applies today.

Mark S. Abeln Photography: Saint Louis  The Apotheosis of Saint Louis

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