Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stan Musial statue with memorials at Busch Stadium, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA


  1. I was wondering when you were going to post something about "baseball's perfect knight" given his iconic (in every sense of the word) status for St. Louis residents and Cardinals fans :-)

    If all that I have heard and read about Musial is true, his life exemplified many virtues -- humility, fidelity, magnaminity, just to name a few -- and he may have come as close as anyone in Major League Baseball to genuine sainthood.

    May he rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon him.


  2. Thanks Elaine, I was overwhelmed by the amount written about Musial’s good character, so much so that I was unable to put together a coherent text in praise of the man in the short amount of time I had available. But I was downtown the other night and managed to get a photo.

  3. Stan Musial for sainthood. Well, now there is a Facebook page that has been created for just that purpose. Please stop by to share your memories of Stan. We want to keep the memories alive of what a wonderful man he was.