Wednesday, December 22, 2004

How to be a Better Catholic

- Get up at a fixed time, as early as possible.
- Offer your day to God.
- Work with order and intensity during the day as a way of serving God.
- Try to attend Mass, receiving holy Communion.
- Spend some time in mental prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.
- Pray the Angelus at noontime.
- Pray the Rosary.
- Do some spiritual reading.
- Make a short examination of conscience.

- Center all activities around the holy Mass on Sunday.
- Receive holy Communion on Sunday and Holy Days.
- Honor the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturdays.

- Go to Confession.
- Seek and follow the spiritual guidance of a wise priest.
- Spend a few hours in recollection.

- Spend two or three days each year in silence.

- Stay in the presence of God.
- Thank God for the graces that He gives you.
- Do everything for the love of God.
- Try to live as you would like to die.

These rules are abridged from the Daily Roman Missal, edited by Reverend James Socías, and published by the Midwest Theological Forum, Inc.; Scepter Publishers, Inc.; and Our Sunday Visitor. Copyright © 2003 by Fr. James Socías.

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