Friday, December 31, 2004

It Happened in a Dream

I had a dream recently....

I was with a friend who was struggling with his faith. It was late, and we were on Fifth Street in Saint Charles, having just left Saint Charles Borromeo Church. Full of self-confidence and spiritual pride, I asked my friend if he wanted to meet Jesus face to face. A poor beggar was nearby, and we gave him some food to eat, since our Lord said that whatever we do for the least among us we do for Him. We got on our knees in front of the beggar and I asked him if he would give us a blessing: in a brief flash of light, the Resurrected Christ himself in glory gave us a blessing. After the vision faded, the beggar, dressed in rags, asked if I would be willing to let him come under my roof and stay with me.

I woke up.....

I have many seemingly valid excuses why my taking care of the poor is not possible. But our Lord's command to us to care for the poor and needy is a hard teaching. It is something that the Government is incapable of doing, and cannot be delegated away.

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