Saturday, May 14, 2005

Death of a Nation and a Cry for Mercy

"Feed my sheep" is what our Lord told Peter.

But the flock is hungry, no - actually starving - in America today. Not only are the sheep hungry, they are also diseased and disfigured from neglect. False teachers and prophets are stealing these sheep away also, and are feeding them poison under the guise of food.

I fear that the United States will soon die, be swept away in some tidal wave of cultural decay, and be overrun by barbarians, if we do not pray and act. After this fall there would be no social justice, no access to healthcare, no free trade, no respect for private property, no education, no rights, and no freedoms. The only equality would be the equality of the grave, and even perhaps the equality of vast numbers of souls in Hell. Lord have mercy on us.

First, we must pray, and in our tears, ask for mercy. And then we must act - start doing the Lord's work.

Imagine what would happen if the Holy Spirit raises up one new Fulton Sheen, who would teach the Nation and help lead it away from the brink of the pit of destruction.

Imagine what just a dozen new saints in the world, or even six, or five, could do to the world. Just one new Mother Theresa, one new Francis of Assisi, one new Anthony of the Desert, one new Ignatius of Loyola, and one new Benedict of Nursia. Just a handful of saints here could help save the nation and the world, and the souls in it.

The only reason why we ourselves are not saints is that we truly don't want to be. Christe eleison

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