Sunday, May 15, 2005

Eucharistic Symposium, May 26-28

The CANONS REGULAR OF THE NEW JERUSALEM will present a symposium "The Body and Blood of Christ - Treasure of the Church".

Speakers are:

Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke, Archbishop of Saint Louis
Dr. Alice von Hildebrand
Dr. Lawrence Feingold
Dom Daniel Augustine Oppenheimer, CRNJ

Thursday, May 26 (free to the public)
7:00 PM, Introduction, Dom Oppenheimer
7:15 PM, Why Did Christ Institute the Eucharist?, Dr. Feingold
8:15 PM, Transubstantiation and Real Presence According to the Mind of St. Thomas

Friday, May 27 (free to the public)
7:00 PM, The Blessed 2nd Sex: The Last Shall be First, Dr. von Hildebrand
8:00 PM, Sacrament as Sign; Mal Priesthood; Eucharist, Dr. Feingold

Saturday, May 28
1:00 PM, Registration: $15 registration fee payable at the door or in advance
1:30 PM, The Mass: the Christian Sacrifice, Dr. Feingold
2:30 PM, The Eucharist: Heart of the New Evangelization, Archbishop Burke
3:30 PM, Women and the Mystery of Suffering, Dr. von HIldebrand
4:45 PM, Solemn Exposition, Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Location will be at the Cardinal Rigali Center
20 Archbishop May Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63119

Click for map, or call (314) 792-7000 for directions.


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