Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Faith in the Philippines

Recommended read:
Ecce Ego, Quia Vocasti Me
(Here I am, for you did call me)

A blog from the Philippines.
"But the gutter Catholicism of the poor is something much more raw; it is a religion of pilgrimages on knees, prostration before the Blessed Mother, bargaining with saints, and kissing the polychromed cheeks of the Holy Child, that in the rays of the sun, it would seem as if He were really sweating amidst the pulsing, throbbing multitudes gathered before His effigy. This is the Catholicism inherited from ignorant, uncatechized elders, the Church closest to the leper colony who clung to Our Lord with their disease-ridden hands."
—quoted from "I believe". The author states that those who are repulsed by such things probably worship a small god.

The writing is excellent and often gut-wrenching.

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