Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Quasi-Scientific Poll

I've been pondering the difference between how a camera photographs an object versus how it appears to the human eye. Just like in moral theology, there are objective, subjective, and relative factors that go into a photograph: and cameras are lousy with the latter two.

The eye reacts differently to a tiny picture on a computer screen compared to how it reacts when it is looking at an object directly, for the eye judges color relative to its wider environment, and there are visual subjective factors due to the fact that we can't interact with the object. There may be sex differences also. Biologically, men's eyes have their color receptors concentrated in the center of vision, while women have them spread out more evenly, which is one reason why (besides bad manners) men tend to stare directly at objects of interest more than women do.

Please take a look at these two photos, which were processed somewhat differently, and select which one you think looks more realistic. Click on the photos to make them larger. Mark your opinion in the poll below!

Photo A:

Photo B:

Select the most realistic photo.

Which photo do you think shows the most realistic color?

Photo A, and I am a male.
Photo A, and I am a female.
Photo B, and I am a male.
Photo B, and I am a female.

 Current Results


  1. I'm chuckling at the results so far, Marcus. I'm looking forward to your conclusions.

  2. Argent,

    I don't think that I am able to come up with valid conclusions, or at least good reasons why!

    Our cameras and computers assume three primary colors, and that is true for roughly 90% of men, with the rest having some kind of color blindness. But I've read that perhaps half of all women can see four kinds of primary colors, with extra sensitivity in the red-orange range. Maybe this is why women have come up with (to me) apparently useless and ugly colors like mauve and puce!

  3. Maybe this is why women have come up with (to me) apparently useless and ugly colors like mauve and puce!

    LOL! Puce is the color of our altar cloth. It's incomprehensible to me why.