Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Matthew contra Saskatoon Cathedral"

ODDLY ENOUGH, this is a time of cathedral-building in North America! But the cathedrals being built, or recently built, are rather disappointing, if not downright heretical. See the article Matthew contra Saskatoon Cathedral, which is about
the unfortunate new proposal for Holy Family Cathedral in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a $28 million (Canadian) project that resembles nothing so much as a 1960s Pan-Am terminal, despite a sincere and much-appreciated desire among the designers and planners for noble beauty and local materials.
Be sure to see Matthew's awesome counter-proposal.


  1. You are hating what is a blessed blooming, I am sure some day these churches will upgrade themselves and be more than they are.

  2. It is not 'hate', merely disappointment.

    I do dislike heresy, however. Consider the intellectual roots of much of this contemporary architecture and you will find much that is anti-Christian. Whether or not these styles have been properly 'baptized' is an open question for me: I've seen some fairly good examples of High Modernism, for example. I've also seen many more failures.