Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photo of Old Train Station

Amtrak train station, in Washington, Missouri, USA - exterior at dusk

Amtrak train station, in Washington, Missouri.


  1. Your photos are so gorgeous. Have you ever described the equipment that you use? Not that by using the same equipment I would get the same results but I can dream, can't I?

  2. My very oldest photos here were taken with a quite expensive camera, and are terrible.

    Most of the photos, including this one, were taken with a cheap camera. They aren't bad, unless you look too close at them.

    My very latest photos were taken with a moderately priced camera, and look better up close.

    I've revisited my oldest photos, and with improved technique in image correction, they look much better, including the photo of Saint Stephen, presented recently. Newer cameras incorporate better image processing, which is why my cheap newer camera had better results out-of-camera than my older one, even though the older camera was otherwise better in several ways.

    There is a lot of technique used, before, during, and after the photo is taken. Technique is more spiritual in essence, and so is more important that the actual material camera used; but since we do live in a material world, the camera itself is very important, but not most important.