Saturday, August 16, 2008

Photo of Our Lady of the Holy Cross Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri

Our Lady of the Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, in Saint Louis (Baden), Missouri, USA - wide view of interior

Holy Cross, in the Baden neighborhood of the City, is one of the very finest churches in the region.  Click photo for a larger version.


  1. Very straight and orthogonal for such a wide-angle lens. You certainly are a very careful person.

  2. Irene,

    That must have something to do with my personality... straight-laced and by the book. Actually, if you look at my very oldest photos here, they are taken at all angles and look terrible.

    I use the very simplest and basic of compositional styles, which include symmetry and proportion, mainly because I don't have the artistic expertise to pull off anything more complex. I study the photos of others all of the time and am humbled by the expressiveness and composition of many photographers. Many of the photos I most enjoy looking at are quite different from my own.

    I've been putting my time into the technical means to make the final photo look as much as possible as the original object and how I remember seeing it.