Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Photo of the Park Plaza

Park Plaza Apartments, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - north entrance

Entrance to the Park Plaza (completed 1931), in the Central West End neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri


  1. odd placement of front doors, no symetry? wonder if this reflects a remodel?

  2. I was wondering about that also. This building has been remodeled a number of times.

  3. Beautiful facade! But I'm sure it is really upscale.

  4. There were a number of retirees living here, and so it may be now less upscale than it used to be. I know of one person who had to move out because of the decline of the stock market, and I'm sure there are others.

    The Central West End neighborhood where this building is located has often been more 'trendy' than stable, and expensive new high-rise developments often open up late in the economic cycle and sell at a loss. Many are these are now available for a bargain.

  5. Aww, I love driving past the Plaza on my way to the Cathedral! The lighting is lovely in this shot.

    I recently discovered your profiles of STL parishes and am super impressed. What an ambitious undertaking! I did a church architecture project in undergrad studying 20 churches, and it took quite a bit of effort. Where do you get the parish histories from? Do you interview/make contact with the pastor of every church you visit?
    Keep up the great work!