Monday, February 02, 2009

Statue of a Nun

Statue of a nun, at Saint Catharine Labouré Roman Catholic School, in Sappington, Missouri, USA

At Saint Catharine Labouré School, in Sappington, Missouri


  1. Your photo brought to mind the various habits that I have seen over the years. While I welcomed the easing of habit requirements. I have always felt that a very modest vail should have been part of the identity of Sisters. I remember quite vividly the first time I saw a Sister who was entirely in Lay clothes. It was at Marquette University in 1973. Only a pin on her lapel indicated that she was a religous. I am sure there are a vast number of opinions on this subject. But nothing makes me straighten up and fly right more than an old Sister in her habit....and no it isn't fear it is respect!

  2. One thing I've noticed is that nearly no one, not even the most trad of traditionalists, are calling for a return to the elaborate head dresses like this, although they certainly did identify particular religious orders. Perhaps they are too impractical?

    A nun's dress most certainly ought to be modest, and I remember the days of nuns in miniskirts, which was decidedly immodest. Having a uniform habit gives identity to a religious order, and helps facilitate the vow of poverty, especially when the habit is the only clothing owned.

    Fancy, expensive clothing is often a sign of vanity and pride, but sloppy ugly clothing is disrespectful to other people and removes a potential source of beauty in the world.