Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Review

A BOOK REVIEW from the West End Word — a newspaper for the Central West End neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri:
“Catholic St. Louis contains the beautiful photographs you expect in a pictorial history. But Abeln’s detailed images and his fresh perspective invite readers to notice things easily overlooked. Whether it is the pelican on the altar rail in All Souls or the Gateway Arch in a stained glass window at St. Raymond’s Cathedral, Abeln shows us something new. Photographs are taken at different times of day in different seasons with different lighting. They illustrate the various forms of beauty found inside and outside the churches....

“In both the introduction and the profiles of the individual churches, Faherty shares some of the St. Louis history he has studied for many years. At 94, Faherty adds to the dozens of books he has written. His subjects include Henry Shaw, the Missouri Botanical Garden and the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica. He has also written novels, a book about NASA and histories of St. Louis Irish and German Catholics. Faherty has contributed much to local history and is widely admired for his unflagging energy, curiosity and wealth of knowledge.”
Click for full review, written by Jennifer Alexander.

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