Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Absolute Power



  1. What is so terrifying about having a healthy nation?

  2. Nothing wrong about having a healthy nation. I do object to this end by the means of killing the sick. Encouraging suicide and medical killing is noxious in my opinion, especially when it is done obscurely. Nihilism ought not be a government policy.

    This appears also to help friends and harm enemies of the present administration, and so is unjust.

    The government is imposing this program while exempting itself. This violates the greatest rule of governance - a leader never imposes hardship on his subjects that he himself is not willing to endure.

    This bill is being pushed through Congress without careful debate, and even without elected officials reading it. This usurps the role of the Congress and our democratic system.

  3. So Mark as a Catholic who seems to hold himself in such high moral regard what do you offer as an alternative to this unfair mess that we have in our insurance based medical system. Instead of referring people to a site that resorts to fear mongering(hanging the term"Stalinist") rants. Once again you are aligning yourself with false Christian right wingers who offer no solution to a serious national issue. Since you seem to censor my posts that you dont like I wonder how you are going to handle this one!

  4. Kestral,

    I did neglect to post one of your comments! Not due to malice, but rather forgetfulness.

    The classic solution to the healthcare funding problem is basically charging on a sliding scale. The rich get their fancy upscale clinics in the fashionable part of town and pay dearly for it. The poor pay only what they can.

    "Pay as you go" is far better than relying on insurance for ordinary doctor visits; insurance should be used for catastrophic needs only.

    Physicians associations in each state or municipal area, as a group, are held responsible for the health care of their community. A system of "paying your dues" will require young medical workers to work their way up the system - they have to work for low pay at first.

  5. And I support a strong Catholic hospital system, as well as a great increase in the number of religious vocations to this apostolate.

    I may remind you that the Catholic Church invented hospitals.

    The current political proposals will negate and usurp this.

  6. Mark, do you really believe that most Catholic hospitals today are in fact "Catholic"? Wake up and see reality for what it is most are run as businesses.

  7. You are right.

    The religious orders that typically run the larger health systems no longer seek many vocations, since they would rather hire staff. And many of these are run by Progressive religious orders, who seek to shed or transform Catholic identity, which I know is a mistake.

  8. Mark, my local hospital is a campus of a large chain of Catholic Hospitals. The local advisory board doesn't have a single Catholic on it and the board president is a known gambler and panderer who because he throws around big money sits at the head chair. They had a PR person who was a member of the local Baptist church a group well known for being anti Catholic. Why are we so willing to be inclusive??? I wonder if Missouri Baptist has a Catholic Chaplain or a Nun sitting on their board????? I don't want to bash anyone but where are we going to draw the line.

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