Thursday, July 09, 2009

Radio Interview on KMOX

ON TUESDAY, JULY 14th, I will have a discussion with Johnny Rabbitt on KMOX radio, regarding the book Catholic St. Louis: A Pictorial History. I will be on the air between about 11 p.m. and midnight (Central Daylight Saving Time, GMT -5:00), where we will have a wide-ranging discussion about the book and photography.

Rabbit is legendary broadcaster, as well as a public benefactor, writer, and former college professor. He hosts the late-night Route 66 show on KMOX, which features the music of the 1960s including artists such as Presley, Sinatra, and Berry.

KMOX radio started broadcasting in Kirkwood, Missouri on Christmas Eve of 1925, from which this station devised its call letters. Broadcasting on AM 1120 at 50,000 watts on a clear channel, KMOX can be heard at night from Canada to the Caribbean Sea, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. Listeners elsewhere can hear the show via the Internet at the KMOX website.

You can purchase the book by clicking here:


  1. KMOX is that powerful voice in the night! It was even better when the Cardinal games were broadcast by KMOX. As a kid, there were times when my dad would back the car out of the garage so we could listen to the games on the radio which never came in good on the radio in the house....I will try to give a listen the old AM way and if I cant get it I will resort to the internet

  2. I remember as a child, listening to baseball, late at night on KMOX. Fond memories!