Monday, July 13, 2009

Rock Creek

Rock Creek, in Kimmswick, Missouri, USA

Rock Creek, in Kimmswick, Missouri


  1. Mark is there restaurant that is a local attraction in Kimmswick? I seem to recall that my Great Aunt enjoyed a weekend visit from the City to Kimmswick

  2. The "Blue Owl" restaurant is very popular and is known for its variety of pies. The prices are reasonable.

    I spent a long time talking to the owner, Mary Hostetter, the day I took this photo. She is Catholic and was kind enough to purchase a copy of my book; she was delighted that we included photos of churches in the southern part of the Archdiocese. I liked that she placed the book in the waiting room, so that customers could look at it.

    In many ways, the Blue Owl is delightful in that it transfers the character of a good ethnic European family restaurant — think Italian, German, or French — and enculturates it to American cuisine.