Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Russian Orthodox Patriarch Agrees with Pope"

SEE THE ARTICLE, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Agrees with Pope:
“We [together with the Roman Catholic Church] have similar positions on many problems facing Christians in the modern world. They include aggressive secularization, globalization, and the erosion of the traditional moral principles.

“It should be noted that on these issues Pope Benedict XVI has taken a stance close to the Orthodox one.”
Obviously many things still divide the Churches, but it is also obvious that disunity causes great harm. But the Patriarch holds out little hope for the various Protestant sects:
“the Russian Church has seen less Protestant communities cooperating in the cause of preserving the Christian legacy” due to “the relentless liberalization of the Protestant world.”
However, all is not lost here, as Catholic experience with the pro-life movement in the United States has shown.

The article also notes the tremendous recent growth in the Russian Orthodox Church, which had suffered great persecution under Communism.

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  1. This post prompted me to briefly research the events of 1054. Thanks for tweaking my investigative nature.