Monday, April 05, 2010

Post Article on the Oratory

AN ARTICLE from the Post-Dispatch, on the restoration of Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, in Saint Louis, Missouri: 'Cathedral of south St. Louis' undergoes rebirth.  The article includes photos of Sister Marie and her restoration of the convent, and includes an audio interview.

The public comments on this article are often amusing and/or infuriating!

An audio interview of Canon Michael K. Wiener, with slide show is here.

Another interview, courtesy of KMOV-TV, features Canon Wiener and Post-Dispatch writer Greg Jonsson; it can be seen here.

Convent at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - 8

For my photos of the in-progress restoration of the convent, see these sets on the Flickr photo sharing website:
Oratory - convent 1
Oratory - convent 2
Some of these photos are used on the Oratory's fundraising website Tradition for Tomorrow.


  1. Can you recommend lodging that might be close to the Oratory or in an area conveniently located near by.

  2. Your closest options are hotels in or near downtown Saint Louis. I can't give any particular recommendations, because I just don't know what is good.

    An alternative would be a hotel near I-44 in the city - there are a few on Hampton Avenue that might be more reasonable. These would also be an easy drive to the Oratory.

    Click here for a Google listing of nearby hotels.

  3. how near is this to st.peter and paul church and south 9th broadway?

  4. I'll chime in on lodging and recommend the Drury Inn & Suites near Forest Park, off of Hampton. I know several people who have stayed there and liked it. The building is just a few years old, the rates are reasonable, and the hotel offers many nice freebies (hot breakfast, happy hour, wireless internet). The Drury family also supports the archdiocese and many Catholic schools and organizations. (I have no affiliation with them!)