Tuesday, December 07, 2010


ARCHITECTURAL ORNAMENT, at the City Museum in Saint Louis. I find these particularly charming:

City Museum, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - Architectural ornament, beaver family

City Museum, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - Architectural ornament, love birds


  1. Mark what is you overall opinion of the City Museum, I read mixed reviews. I don't enjoy places that are poorly supervised and I have read several comments to that effect about the City Museum?

  2. If you don't children or teenagers then the City Museum is not for you. It also has a bar, so you have to deal with colorful drinkers too, at least on a weekend night.

    Also, there are many dangers, not the least of which involve falling from great heights, or becoming trapped in places too narrow to crawl through. Some crawls can become quite painful if you don't wear sturdy clothing. Other places are dark, confined, and disorienting. It is not a place for the fearful.

    Some may find the art questionable, and a bit too quirky or postmodern.

    Actually, there are very many guards at the City Museum. As they look like typical club kids from the surrounding district, it may be easy to overlook them; also, I understand the place is closely monitored by a multitude of video cameras. I wonder how much of the $10 admission charge goes towards insurance and security?

    There are lots of things a kid could do which would be far more dangerous, like playing football, skateboarding, riding a bicycle, or attending public school. Hiking through the Ozarks offers far more dangers with no supervision whatsoever.

    I know of a number of mothers who like the City Museum for their children: there is a tendency for modern children to become passive and fearful, since they tend to spend most of their waking hours either doing homework or watching a screen. These moms want their children to grow up without being too fearful and lazy.

    Because of the numbers of kids, I wouldn't go during the daytime; late nights are far better if you want to appreciate the place.