Monday, December 06, 2010

The Holy Bishop Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myrna

Russian Icon, at the Saint Louis University Museum of Art, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - Saint Nicholas 2a

Russian icon of Saint Nicholas, which was exhibited at the Saint Louis University Art Museum.

Oh, how the mighty Saint Nicholas has fallen in the popular imagination! In the days when most venerated Saints were martyrs of the Roman persecutions, Nicholas was venerated due to the holiness of his life. Alas, the modern Santa Claus is nearly unrecognizable, thanks to the forces of commercialization and secularization. Even the old custom of hanging stockings on the mantle hardly reflects the ancient legend: Nicholas was anonymously giving gifts of money (it is said that he threw them down a chimney) to prevent some girls from being sold into prostitution.

Saint Nicholas, pray for us!

More information on the life and legends of Saint Nicholas can be found here, and at the Saint Nicholas Center.

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