Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Where Have All the Good (Wo)Men Gone?"

SEE THE ARTICLE Where Have All the Good (Wo)Men Gone? by Jennifer Fulwiler, which quotes the article Where Have The Good Men Gone? by Kay S. Hymowitz.

Social Justice is not just a catchphrase for those who want to pursue liberal issues. It in fact derives from Catholic teaching greatly developed in the 19th and is de fide. The situation described in the articles above is very much a social justice issue. Unfortunately, the division between the sexes is presented as class conflict of the marxist kind: instead of partners, men and women are seen as competitors.

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  1. But how can single men and women be partners when they are often times attempting to obtain scarce resources such as jobs or assistantships against each other?

    But I will agree with the articles is that part of the problem is that men, be they boyfriends, lovers, husbands or what have you, need more roles or responsibilities than bug-killing...