Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging Interruption

THE BLOGGER.COM system I use for this website had technical problems for a few days, and all blog postings created since Wednesday were deleted. However, I can't use this as an excuse, since I haven't been posting out of sheer sloth.

But here is a picture of the Missouri River, taken at night a week or so ago:

Centaur Chute and Howell Island at night, off of the Missouri River, in Chesterfield, Missouri, USA

This is the Centaur Chute with Howell Island on the left. If you click the photo twice you can see it displayed on a black background.


  1. It's a great shot! It was a great idea to take a picture there ;)

  2. that little touch of blue makes for a great photo..... A Keen Eye!

  3. It was very dark, and I had my camera on a tripod for a nearly two minute exposure. The blue is just the normal sky blue color, greatly amplified in brightness due to the exposure. You can see a bit of orange on the clouds to the right due to the distant city lighting.

    I was particularly pleased that some green in the trees is still visible, as well as some texture in the forest. Usually in shots like this they would end up a featureless black color.

    The river was flowing pretty quickly due to flooding, but again the long exposure evens things out a bit and makes it appear calmer that it was at the time.