Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feast of Saint Louis

SAINT LOUIS, King of France:

Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - statue of Saint Louis IX.jpg
Basilica of Saint Louis.

The City Museum, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - painting of Saint Louis IX, King of France, with the relic of the crown of thorns, originally from a Saint Louis Church in Massachusetts
City Museum.

Resurrection Cemetery, in Affton, Missouri, USA - stained glass window of Saint Louis IX, King of France
Resurrection Cemetery.

Christian Brothers College High School, in Town and Country, Missouri, USA - Saint Louis IX, King of France
Christian Brothers College.

Saint Louis University, in Saint Louis, MIssouri, USA - statue of King Louis IX, at night, in the snow
Saint Louis University.

Statue, Apotheosis of Saint Louis, at the Saint Louis Art Museum, in Forest Park, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - view at night
Saint Louis Art Museum.

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

Calvary Cemetery, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - statue of Saint Louis IX, King of France
Calvary Cemetery.

...Confess thyself often and choose for thy confessor a right worthy man who knows how to teach thee what to do, and what not to do; and bear thyself in such sort that thy confessor and thy friends shall dare to reprove thee for thy misdoings. Listen to the services of Holy Church devoutly, and without chattering; and pray to God with thy heart and with thy lips, and especially at Mass when the consecration takes place. Let thy heart be tender and full of pity toward those who are poor, miserable, and afflicted, and comfort and help them to the utmost of thy power.

Maintain the good customs of thy realm and abolish the bad. Be not covetous against thy people and do not burden them with taxes and imposts save when thou art in great need.

If thou hast any great burden weighing upon thy heart, tell it to thy confessor or to some right worthy man who is not full of vain words. Thou shalt be able to bear it more easily....

— from a letter of Saint Louis to his son.

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