Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, in Apple Creek, Missouri, USA - outdoor statute of Saint Francis of Assis

Statue of Saint Francis, found next to a well, at Saint Joseph Church, in Apple Creek, Missouri. Photo taken 12/31/2010.

Saint Francis was preaching to his brethren:
“In the name of the Lord, go forth modestly, two and two, observing strict silence from the morning till after the hour of Tierce, praying to God from your hearts. Let no idle or useless words be heard among you; although you are travelling, your deportment should be as humble and as decorous as if you were in a hermitage, or in your cells. For wherever we are, and, whithersoever we may be going, we have always our vocation with us; our brother, the body, is our cell, and the soul is the hermit, who dwells in it to think of God and to pray to Him. If a religious soul does not dwell quietly in the cell of the body, the external cells will be of little use to him. Behave, then, in such manner in the world, that whosoever may see or hear you, may be moved to devotion, and praise our Heavenly Father to whom alone all glory belongs. Proclaim peace to all men, but have it in your hearts, as well as in your mouths. Give to no one cause for anger, nor for scandal; on the contrary, by your own mildness, induce every one to feel benignly, and draw them to union and to concord. We are called to heal the wounded, console the afflicted, and to bring back those who err; many may seem to you to be members of the devil, who will one day be disciples of Jesus Christ.”
The Life and Legends of Saint Francis of Assisi by Father Candide Chalippe.

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