Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo of Archbishop Carlson

Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - Archbishop Robert Carlson


  1. The angle of this photo makes it appear that the Archbishop is thumbing his nose at someone. Please replace this with one of your truly beautiful photos. Thanks so much & God bless you to use your many talents to His honor and glory.

  2. If His Grace was thumbing his nose at anyone, it was probably me, because hardly anyone ever likes getting his photo taken, most especially candid photos.

    I don't like taking photos during Mass because my camera is so loud, although I'd be delighted to receive donations for a more silent model (see my donation button to the right on this page.) Even during the recessional I think that I ought instead be praying a thanksgiving, instead of taking pictures. It seems rather crude to snap away. But the Faith seems so abstract if we don't have images to go along with the descriptions.

    Check out my Flickr photo stream for a couple other photos from the same time.