Saturday, November 26, 2011

Photos of Saint Mary's Church, in Glasgow, Missouri

HERE ARE PHOTOS of Saint Mary's Church, located in Glasgow, Missouri. Built on the highest hill in that Missouri River town, this church is a part of the Diocese of Jefferson City, and is located about 164 road miles west-by-northwest of downtown Saint Louis.

Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church, in Glasgow, Missouri, USA - exterior at night

The town is named after one of the original settlers, James Glasgow. According to a history:
When Glasgow was established in 1836, there probably were no Catholics here. Beginning about 1860, German and Irish immigrants began to settle in and around Glasgow, lured by reports of the prosperity of the area and the similarity of the terrain to that of their homeland. With them they brought Catholicism. Irish settlers tended to live in town, engaging in various businesses; Germans took up agriculture. The wheat they produced bolstered the economy of the area. In 1866 a permanent parish was founded in Glasgow. Father Henry Meurs was named first pastor. The first church was completed in 1869. By 1909 about 300 of Glasgow's 1800 inhabitants were Catholic. The first church building badly needed repair. The people decided to build a new church rather than renovate the old one. On May 30, 1912, Monsignor O.J.S. Hoog laid the cornerstone. By July of that year newspapers reported railroad cars with brick, stone, sand and lime needed for construction were arriving daily. Some stained glass windows were imported from Germany.

On May 11, 1913, 700 people arrended the dedication of St. Mary's. The American Gothic edifice had cost almost $49,000, a sum equal to one-third of the total capital of the Gaslow Savings Bank at the time. The church measures 96 feet from vestibule to sanctuary. The vaulted ceiling made it possible to construct a nave unobstructed by pillars or other supports. Religious paintings, statues and a rainbow of colors streaming through the windows remind worshippers of religion's ultimate goal. The golden cross on the steeple can be seen for miles.
When the parish was erected it was part of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Msgr. Hoog was a missionary priest in central Missouri, and Vicar General of the Archdiocese.

The parish's elementary school was founded in 1869 and has about 114 students.

The town of Glasgow is scenic, and has a pleasant downtown area good for tourists.

Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church, in Glasgow, Missouri, USA - interior by candlelight

I arrived just after sunset — which occurs quite early this time of year — and the interior was mainly lit by candlelight.

421 Third Street
Glasgow, Missouri 65254

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  1. This is where I grew up, Glasgow MO. Attended St. Mary's school and church. Dad ran the John Deere Dealership and mom worked downtown. My grandparents, Maurice and Cecilia Shaughnessy, lived on 3rd St just a couple blocks down from this church.