Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cloning Ban Veto

Here is an email that was forwarded to me. Action is requested.

From: Laurel
To: -------
Cc: -------
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 5:01 PM
Subject: Governor Blunt and the ban on cloning- ACTION needed

Dear Pro Life friends,

Last weekend our new Governor, Matt Blunt, made a statement to the press about cloning that might surprise you.

As most of you know Senator Matt Bartle is the Senate sponsor of Senate Bill 160 ( SB160), which makes cloning a human for any purpose illegal in the state of Missouri. He is standing for righteousness against very large odds.

Because the governor made a statement to the effect that he would “probably veto” the cloning ban if it makes it to his desk he needs to hear from you immediately. He campaigned as a pro life candidate. I believe that he is indeed pro life. But he needs to hear from those of us that worked hard for the Republican ticket in Missouri and elected him because we want him to stand up for Life.

In my opinion Governor Blunt does not fully understand the cloning issue. We need to encourage him to change his stance on this very important bill.

I am asking you to take time right now to email the Governor’s office. His email address is:

The office phone number is: 573-751-3222

Please be polite in explaining that his statement made to the media regarding a veto of the cloning ban is out of line with his supporters.

You, his supporter, expected him to stand up for life. Ask him to change his stance right away before the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on it next Monday evening, February 14.

Please pray for the Governor’s eyes to be open to this critical issue and please pray for Matt Bartle as he leads this fight for us.

There is widespread ignorance of the cloning issue. I highly recommend that you go to Senator Matt Bartle’s website and read some of the articles he has been publishing about cloning and stem cell research. They are excellent and easy to understand. Please share this information with others. Go to go to weekly columns, also 2004 weekly columns.

A wealth of info awaits you there.

Thank you for taking quick action and standing up for American values!

Laurel Morton

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