Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Population Falling, Faith Rising

Hong Kong has a population decline. The territory, now controlled by the Communist mainland, is promoting a new policy: HK promotes 'three child policy'. This is in contrast to China proper, which has a draconian one-child policy.

It is something of a secret that Christianity is florishing in China, that China has more practicing Christians than most countries, and may become majority Christian in only a few decades. Guangdong province, the region north of Hong Kong is a center of Catholicism which, due to geography and culture, was left relatively alone during the Modernist atrocities of the Red Guards Communist reign. In China you see priests older than 70 and younger than 30, kind of like the U.S., and for the same reason, cultural revolution. The Church in China is officially cut from the Vatican, but prayers for the Pope are offered at Mass and informal contacts with the outside world and travel are allowed.

The Patriotic Catholic Association is the state-run controller of official Catholicism in China, but apparently many members are also loyal to Rome. There is an underground Church too, which has millions of members. Pope John Paul II is attempting closer ties with the government in exchange for greater religious liberty.

A Christian China would not need a harsh birth control policy, for morality would take precedence over force.

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