Thursday, February 03, 2005

New Novel by Saint Louis Priest

Father Michael Giesler, local priest of Opus Dei, has written a new book, Marcus, about a young Christian convert in ancient Rome. This is a sequel to Junia-The Fictional Life and Death of an Early Christian, which tells of the conversion of his sister and her martyrdom. Both books are published by Scepter Publishing.

I've read Junia, and even got the copy at a retreat given by Fr. Giesler. I was facinated by different paths to Christ that Junia and her brother Marcus followed...Junia by the love shown by Christians to each other and to strangers, and Marcus by the perfect philosophical synthesis that the Church offered as an alternative to the pagan philosophers.

Our nation, explicitly modeled after the Roman Republic, as it descends into absolutist rule, is resembling more often the Empire, with its sex-drenched bloodlust and raw power. Junia, while its subject matter is ancient, seems quite fresh and relevant to our times.

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