Saturday, November 26, 2005

Advent Begins

Proclaim the good news among the nations: Our God will come to save us.

Advent begins tonight at sundown, at First Vespers.

Know that the Lord is coming and with him all his saints; that day will dawn with a wonderful light, alleluia.

As Ordinary Time has been coming to a close, the scriptural readings in the liturgy has emphasized the end of the world, which is appropriate for the month of November, a month of growing darkness and cold, where we pray for the departed. Now we read about the Second Coming of Christ.

The Lord will come with mighty power; all mortal eyes shall see him.

As Advent continues, we begin to reflect on the First Coming.

Advent is a penitential season, as is Lent, but it also has a joyful character, ending with the great joy of the Christmas season.

Advent has a mixed character of joy and sorrow, an anticipation of the future judgement and a reflection on past.

Note: antiphons from Evening Prayer I, First Sunday of Advent.

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