Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Celebrity Endorsements for Amendment 2

Celebrities support Missouri Amendment Proposition 2, which would give constitutional protection to the destruction of human life in scientific experiments.

"Please make me a bride," asks Frankenstein's Monster.

(photo courtesy of

Maggie and Addie agree! Amendment 2 will strengthen the Race!

(photos of Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler courtesy of Wikipedia)

The Mad Scientist says "Support Amendment 2 and I shall rule the world!"

(Mad Scientist image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Faithful Igor, servant to Dr. Frankenstein says: "Master orders me to support Amendment 2"

(Illustration by Jean-noël Lafargue, courtesy of Wikipedia)

And remember, monsters, mutants, hybrids, and chimeras everwhere support Amendment 2!

(image from the University of Illinois)

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  1. Now, for the woman who wants the latest in cosmetics, there are treatments based on embryonic stem cells. Truly sick.