Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lost Catholic Saint Louis

Former Eucharistic Shrine, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - door

The other day, while driving through downtown Saint Louis, I saw this former chapel. It looks long closed, and the building appears vacant.  But what a marvelous idea!  

Former Eucharistic Shrine, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - mosaic

Mosaics of a monstrance are over the two entrance doors.

Former Eucharistic Shrine, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - cornerstone

Our Lady of the Angels
Eucharistic Shrine
May 11, 1958

1024 Locust Street,
Saint Louis, Missouri  63101


  1. If memory serves me rightly, this was an apostolate of the Capuchin Franciscan Friars(O.F.M.Cap.). I am sure the idea was to provide a spiritual oasis for downtown shoppers, business people and the like. Just think, at one time, the Daughters of St. Paul had a public chapel in their store when it was located in the city. I beleive Boston has somehting similar to what you depict here. Oh well...

  2. This former chapel is near Washington Avenue, and things are booming there, with all of the new retail and loft apartments. Looks like it might be good mission territory!

  3. I Googled the address and found this reference too. It's a twofer for me because (1) I love urban archaeology and (2) is referenced on this link and he's one of my favorite writers.

  4. Just ran into that today. Sad to see it boarded up now. What has become of us?