Thursday, March 13, 2008

Christian in Name Only

MEDIA CELEBRITY Oprah Winfrey supports presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, and it now appears that both are followers of New Age religion despite calling themselves 'Christian'.  See the article: Editorial: The Springtime of the Left: The Spiritual Revival of Eckhart, Oprah and Obama, over at
Both Oprah and Obama claim to be Christians. But in both cases this is a farce, for neither of them believes that Christ is the incarnate God (except, perhaps, in the sense that we are all in some way God), and neither of them believes that there is an objective, external truth to which they must wholly submit.

The official slogan for Oprah's online class on Tolle's book is "prepare to be awakened." Her whole spirituality is focused on this ambiguous notion of "awakening" to one's spiritual potential. Note this passage from Obama's book, in which he describes the "spirituality" of his mother, a woman of no professed religion, who would (as Obama proudly tells us in his book) alternately attend Christian churches, Buddhist temples, Chinese New Year celebrations, Shinto shrines, and ancient Hawaiian burial sites. "For all her professed secularism," writes Obama, "my mother was in many ways the most spiritually awakened person that I've ever know."

An even cursory reading of the chapter on his Christian faith in Obama's book demonstrates that Obama has never seriously attempted to submit to the doctrines of Christianity, but rather chose to embrace the religion largely for utilitarian reasons, and as but one way amongst many to quench his thirst for some form of a spiritual life. Oprah, on the other hand, has explicitly stated that Christianity is but one way amongst many, presumably equal ways to God.


  1. So where does that leave you? McCain accepts the endorsement of Hagee who considers the Roman Catholic Church the Great Whore. Hillary Clinton? It is to laugh. McCain seems to think attacking Iran should come next. Our Holy Father John Paul II had great doubts about the just nature of our war in Iraq; can we in conscience support another war when we have not been attacked?