Monday, March 31, 2008

Rosalind Moss at Saint George's

ACCORDING TO SAINT Louis Catholic, EWTN personality and lecturer Rosalind Moss, and her new religious order, are to move into the convent at Saint George Church in the Gardenville neighborhood of Affton, Missouri, my old hometown.  Affton is an unicorporated, inner-ring suburb of Saint Louis, and is home to four parishes.

Saint George Roman Catholic Church, in Affton, Missouri, USA - nave

Welcome to the neighborhood!


  1. Who will be their spiritual director?

  2. Congratulations to Rosalind for her new religious order that she is establishing. I am very happy to learn this and I want to tell her that I have truly enjoyed her testimonies for her walk in faith and conversion and coming into the Catholic Church. It is a wonderful journey and God has certainly used her to teach us and she makes Jesus come alive for us as did Mother Angelica. May God bless her and her new order as they continue in their prayerful walk with the Lord. Regina

  3. Please tell me what is the age criteria for women who are interested in this new order? I am so draw to this order, but am 55 years old. Most orders don't consider women this age ...Please respond asap.