Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OUR ENGLISH WORD ‘inauguration’, comes from the Latin inaugurat, which refers to the auguries, or interpretation of omens, used in an attempt to determine if a particular course of action is auspicious.

I noticed that President Obama, during his Oath of Office, stumbled over the word faithfully. During his speech, he used the phrase “new age” twice. I leave the interpretation of these ‘omens’ as an exercise to my readers!


  1. start/stop/start/stop.....I had a biting reply for you Mark but I had made a resolution that I was going to be bigger than that this year. Sure I saw him stumble, interpret it as you wish, I will chalk it up to the shear magnitude of the moment and the history that was made today. You may not agree but out nation took a giant step forward today!

  2. According to what I've heard on the news, Chief Justice Roberts accidentally switched around several of the words in the Oath, thus causing the President to stumble.

    So much for an omen.

  3. Kestrel, I am always amazed at how much faith and hope people place in the government, something I've never done, even when 'my man' was in office. Of course, we should also avoid the opposite error of placing faith and hope in our own person. Regarding the current administration, I am quite worried about the life issues, the increasing Federalization of education, and high spending and taxes, among other things. However, I don't think the previous administration was 'good' in those either.

    Chase, you are right, the Chief Justice did bungle the words of the Oath. But I thought it was funny anyway.

  4. Mark you are the same kid that laughed at the kid who dropped his food tray at lunch!!! Grow Up!